About Vector Fabrics

Vector Fabrics specializes in development tools for programmers. We recognize that programmers do not want to become a hardware or language specialist to create working software, but focus on the functionality instead.

Nothing is more painful than losing your good reputation due to software bugs or bad software performance. Nothing worse than endlessly delaying a project to try to reproduce that one bug that seems to only trigger at the customer. We believe quality tools can make all the difference.

The Pareon tools give a deep insight into how your large software stack actually behaves at the push of a button. Programmers can now prevent critical bugs and deal with legacy code.

In our vision, a tool should not be invasive. Tools should adopt the customer’s way of working and technology choices, not dictate them. We spent many man years to be able to analyze every C or C++ program out there, unchanged. Our patented dynamic analysis technology achieves exactly that: deep insight, out of the box, on your embedded target.



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