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    Detect critical software bugs before they hit the field

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    Avoid weeks of bug-hunting

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Find the expensive errors early

Software faults in the field cause expensive error corrections, upgrades and loss of reputation and brand. A study by NASA shows that an error found in the field is up to 100x more expensive than an error found during development.

The hard-to-find errors are often caused by dynamic behavior in the software. These errors cause product recalls and downtime, delays in projects and product cycles. Even with the state-of-the-art static analyzers and unit testing tools, errors slip through testing to cause problems in the field.

Prevent software glitches

  • Improve customer satisfaction and brand image
  • Fewer recalls, fewer updates needed
  • Avoid millions in recall costs

Pareon Verify finds the tough errors

Invalid pointer usage and buffer overflows
Using variables that have not been written yet
Use of dangling pointers
Data races: multiple threads accessing the same data without proper synchronization
Inconsistent lock usage in different tasks
Can cause the system to slow down or run out of memory

No more unpredictable project delays

Reproducing a fault caught by the customer is an expensive and time-consuming task. Development may spend weeks to replicate the customer's environment. Even when the issue can be reproduced in the lab, finding the root cause can take weeks. The location where the program crashes may be in a very different module from where the bug was introduced. For race conditions and deadlocks, the bug may be a true "Heisenbug" - one that disappears when you try to look at it in a debugger.

Save engineering costs

  • Reduce number of errors reported late in the project
  • Reduce debugging and error correction effort
  • Reduce risk of project delays
  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars

C | C++ | C++11

Error-free continuous delivery

Nowadays the software defines the system. Continuous delivery is key to keep up with the shortened product cycles. Nasty bugs like data races, deadlocks, or illegal memory accesses can grind product development to a halt. At the same time, frequent releases leave less time for testing and can negatively impact quality.

Pareon Verify detects the errors as part of your continuous integration and regression tests. The detailed reports point immediately to the cause of the error.

Improve time-to-market

  • Error-free continuous delivery
  • Reduce time needed for integration, system and release testing
  • Reduce product release cycles
  • Get products to market faster

Dynamic analysis

Dynamic analysis is like an MRI scanner for your software: it detects errors by observing the application’s behavior while it runs. Dynamic analysis looks inside the application to see the errors happening and pinpoints the root cause of the error It detects the errors occurring even if they don’t trigger a test to fail.

Use Pareon's instrumenting C and C++ compiler as a drop-in replacement for your (cross)compiler. Set-up your build in minutes.
Execute the instrumented program on a host PC or target embedded board. Run with representative input data or test suite.
Conveniently analyze the resulting execution trace on your host PC. Minimal memory and performance on the target!
Resolve bugs
Get detailed messages for each error. Instantly see how to fix the problem. Variable names, full call stacks. No false positives!

What makes Pareon Verify different?

Pareon Verify as part of your daily regression in continuous integration – the fastest way to prevent errors early and efficiently. Integrates with Jenkins and Tiobe TICS.
All error types detected with just one execution run – no need to do different runs to find different errors.
All error reports contain details to find the root cause of the error, making debugging faster: full backtrace with file names and line numbers, variable names, struct field names…
Pareon Verify runs the analysis on a separate PC and not on the target. This means the memory requirement on the target is very low.
Professional user support and maintenance means timely resolving of issues. Don't ever be blocked by tool issues.
Customer specific features and supported platforms can be added, helping you get more value out of the tool for you.


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