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Instant multicore insights

The Pareon Tool Suite

Pareon Verify

How do you avoid those nasty errors at the end of your project? Does your team spend weeks to find the root cause of a race condition on an interrupt routine? Whenever you try to locate the source of an illegal memory access it disappears?

Pareon Verify detects Heisenbugs before your software is released. Through our unique Dynamic Analysis technology, you find the root cause in minutes. Our predictive analysis even finds bugs that did not trigger during execution.

Fight the Heisenbugs. Deliver on time. No more field recalls.

Pareon Profile

Multicore programming is not for the faint of heart. Yet parallelization can bring huge benefits in power consumption and performance. How to avoid those nasty race conditions? How does the processor cache influence my parallel design? How do I make the underlying libraries thread-safe? Your team has written a fair share of multi-threaded code. Imagine what you could achieve if you had access to the exact behavior of your multicore software?

Pareon Profile gives you the deep insight to take the next step. View parallelization opportunities. Balance load using execution histograms of your critical loops. Follow unprotected data access through library calls. See cache behavior and power consumption details on individual loops and functions. Without needing a PhD in hardware design.

Multicore programming made easy. Parallelize for power and performance.