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The multicore programming experts

About Vector Fabrics

Vector Fabrics specializes in developing tools for the design and implementation of multicore, multi-threaded applications and embedded systems. The management team brings over 100 years of combined experience in both large companies and startups in Europe and the United States.

As pioneers we have embarked on the road to deliver tools that eliminate the manual work when it comes to optimizing software for multicore architectures. As innovators we have provided the industry with proven tools that solve the multicore programming challenge. Our tools empower software engineers to fully utilize and harvest the ultra-high performance that parallel architectures provide, allowing them to bring a great user experience to their customers. We believe in our vision, we are passionate about our customers and believe in quality, both in the people we hire and the tools we create.


  • 2015: Introduction of a new tool in the Pareon Tool Suite: Pareon Verify. Detect so-called Heisenbugs before your software product hits the market. Multicore programming made safe.
  • 2012: Pareon Profile launched. The Pareon Tool Suite combines all our technology into a single, downloadable product that optimizes software for multicore mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. More than 50 new features are added, and Pareon can analyze large applications that include calls into libraries or use complex build systems.
  • 2011: Two new products are announced: vfThreaded-x86 quickly parallelizes software for x86 platforms and vfEmbedded targets embedded platforms. The innovative user interface allows for quick and easy navigation through complex code, taking away the need to understand the code in detail.
  • 2010: Vector Fabrics releases vfAnalyst, its first analysis and parallelization technology, letting customers experience its unrivaled ability to analyze out-of-the-box ANSI C.
  • 2007: Vector Fabrics is born and goes into stealth mode to develop our core technology.
  • 1965: Gordon Moore predicts the doubling of transistors every two years. This law holds until today, and is the key driving force behind parallel processing architectures becoming omnipresent.